Gowrie is a world at war.

Nations war upon each other just as science wared on the superstition that has held the people in bondage since time out of mind. It is a time of awakenings built on the blood of a fallen age. But even now events have been set in motion that threated the destiny of all that serve the Wildwood Crown.

Thanes of the Wildwood Crown is a campaign using the Mongoose Traveller rule set. The Characters undertake a desperate mission to save a world. This will lead them from the bloody battlefield of a religious war to strange world bathed in the light of distance suns.

MacCrimmon’s Lament

Round Coolin’s peak the mist is sailing, The banshee croons her note of wailing, Mild blue eyne with sorrow are streaming For him that shall never return, MacCrimmon! The breeze on the brae is mournfully blowing! The brook in the hollow is plaintively flowing, The warblers, the soul of the groves, are moaning, For MacCrimmon that’s gone, with no hope of returning!

The tearful clouds the stars are veiling, The sails are spread, but the boat is not sailing, The waves of the sea are moaning and mourning For MacCrimmon that’s gone to find no returning!

No more on the hill at the festal meeting The pipe shall sound with echo repeating, And lads and lasses change mirth to mourning For him that is gone to know no returning!

No more, no more, no more for ever, In war or peace, shall return MacCrimmon; No more, no more, no more for ever Shall love or gold bring back MacCrimmon!

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Thanes of the Wildwood Crown.